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Work More Comfortable And Reduce Fatigue
- Jun 14, 2018 -

1. Compact excavators are compact in design and can work in construction sites where other machines cannot work. The versatile use of swing arms, rubber tracks, angle shovels, and attachments allows the machine to be used at many construction sites, reducing the impact on undisturbed floors.

2, features:

Strong digging force, fast job cycle allows you to do more and faster.

Quiet and spacious cab with ergonomically designed controls with integrated ancillary equipment and swivel arm functionality for greater comfort and reduced fatigue.

Grip connectors and quick separators help operators quickly replace accessories for small excavators.

Automatic idling, two-speed automatic shifting, and load-sensing self-adjusting pumps optimize fuel efficiency.

The compact or standard tail radius of gyration plus swivel or fixed stick options is suitable for almost any work situation.

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