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Lifting Performance Table Specifies The Weight
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Truck cranes mainly consist of lifting, luffing, slewing, lifting booms and car chassis. Due to the development of hydraulic technology, electronics industry, high-strength steel and automotive industry, the development of truck cranes has been promoted. The mechanical transmission-type truck cranes that are heavy and have long working hours have been replaced by hydraulic truck cranes. The hydraulic system of the hydraulic truck crane adopts the hydraulic pump, the quantitative or variable motor to realize the hoisting rotation, the amplitude variation, the boom extension and the extension and extension of the crane and can be operated independently or in combination. The motor is protected from overheating and has safety devices that prevent erroneous operation. Large-tonnage hydraulic truck cranes use multiple gear pumps, which can also accelerate the above-mentioned actions. In the hydraulic system, there are automatic overload safety valves, buffer valves and hydraulic locks to prevent accidents caused by overloading or stalling of cranes and sudden rupture of oil pipes. The truck crane is equipped with an amplitude indicator and a height limiter to prevent overloading or over-extension. The reel and the pulley are provided with a device for preventing rope skipping.

The operation of the crane shall be prohibited in front of the crane, ie the center of gravity of the hook shall not exceed the connection between the center of rotation and the centerline of the front leg (left and right) when lifting. In the event that the lifting weight indicator device is faulty and cannot be used, the lifting capacity shall be determined according to the provisions of the lifting performance table, and the operation behavior of the crane must be regulated to ensure safety.

The distance detection anti-collision device of the crane adopts a radio signal anti-collision device. The anti-collision system is composed of a three-phase system and is used to monitor the distance of the front end of the crane. Generally, a warning signal is issued first, and then the vehicle speed is reduced to 50%. Finally, the motor power is cut off and the cart is braked.

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