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Keeping The Oil Clean Is The Key To Hydraulic System Maintenance
- Jun 14, 2018 -

The development and expansion of grader products must not only satisfy the adaptability to different working conditions, but also must maintain the maximum part versatility (or interchangeability) with the basic model, which brings the maintenance to the users. Great convenience. The tracked motor grader is mainly composed of an engine, a transmission system, a working device, an electrical part, a cab and a hood. Among them, mechanical and hydraulic transmission systems include hydraulic torque converters, coupling assemblies, planetary gear type power shift transmissions, central transmissions, steering clutches and steering brakes, final drives, and traveling systems. The power output mechanism drives the work pump in the hydraulic system of the working device, the variable speed hydraulic system variable speed pump and the steering brake hydraulic system steering pump in a gear transmission and spline connection; the sprocket represents the final transmission mechanism of the secondary spur gear transmission. (Including left and right final drive assemblies); track shoe includes walking system including track assembly, trolley frame and suspension assembly.

In the pump and valve components used in the grader, the clearance between the relative moving parts and the working surface are small, and there are many damping holes and slit control valve ports in the hydraulic components, if the oil is mixed with dirt The object will be blocked, and even scratch the surface, increase the leakage, and even get stuck in the valve core, causing the component to malfunction. Maintaining fluid cleanliness is therefore the key to hydraulic system maintenance.

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