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Installed Traction And Scooping Force Are Larger
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Many years of production practice at home and abroad have proved that wheel loaders are suitable for the following tasks:

1. It is used for loading, pushing and dumping, lifting and hauling of open-pit mines for the construction of stripping, railway building and repairing roads.

2. Small and medium-sized open pit mines are used to replace excavators and automobiles as the main mining, loading and transportation equipment of mines; they can be used in conjunction with automobiles, and they can also ship ore to crushing stations.

3. In some large-scale open-pit mines, the excavator is used to carry out the loading and unloading work and other ancillary operations under complex conditions (eg, selective mining, end of the working face, dispersal of blasting piles, excavation of trenches, etc.).

4. It can be used for mining, loading and transporting work surfaces with large slopes to complete difficult mine work.

Common tire-type, track-type two kinds of front-loading machines have their own characteristics. Although the traction and scooping forces of the tracked front loader are relatively large, and the off-road and hill climbing performance are good, it is low in speed and inflexible. The transfer work site sometimes needs a trailer, and the construction cost is high. As a result, tracked front loading machines are rarely used in open pit mines, and tire loaders are most commonly used in mines around the world. Therefore, the production volume is large, and the production technology is also developing rapidly. The maximum capacity of the model has reached 40m3.

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