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Easy To Operate And Use
- Jun 14, 2018 -

A crawler crane is a self-propelled crane used for the construction of high-rise buildings. It is a boom rotating crane that uses a crawler. The crawler has a large ground contact area, good passability, and strong adaptability. It can be carried on a load and is suitable for lifting operations on construction sites. Digging, earthing, piling and other operations can be performed. However, due to slow walking speeds, long-distance transfer sites require other vehicles to move.

The crawler crane consists of a walking mechanism, a turning mechanism, a fuselage and a boom. The walking mechanism is a two chain crawler; the turning mechanism is a turntable mounted on the chassis so that the body can be rotated 360°. The lower end of the boom is hinged on the fuselage and rotates randomly. The top end is provided with two sets of pulley blocks (lifting and variable amplitude pulley sets). The wire rope is connected to the hoisting machine in the fuselage through the top pulley block of the lifting boom, and the lifting arm can be divided. Festival production and then long.

Crawler cranes operate flexibly. It is easy to use, has a large lifting capacity, and can also walk on a flat and solid road. It can be an excavator or a pile driver after a work device replacement. It is a multi-functional machine. However, crawler cranes have slow walking speeds and are destructive to the road surface. When long distances are transferred, they are transported by flat-bed trailers or railroad flatbeds.

When the crawler crane is hoisted or when the crane boom is connected due to construction needs, in order to ensure the stability of the crane, it is ensured that no overturning accident occurs in the hoisting operation and the stability check of the whole fuselage during operation is required. After checking, if it fails to meet the requirements, measures such as increasing the weight should be adopted.

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