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A Handling Machine For Lifting And Horizontally Moving Materials
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Although the crane is a huge equipment, but for its use, it needs to learn more about small and small knowledge. Based on many years of experience, Liwang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. summarizes the common knowledge of cranes in daily use as follows: New and old customers learn reference.

1. A crane is a handling machine that lifts and moves materials horizontally.

2. When the guillotine knife plate wear is seriously deformed, it must be repaired or replaced urgently.

3. Forging hooks Print nominal weight, factory label, number, etc. in low stress areas.

4. When the wire rope is lubricated, special care should be taken not to miss parts that are not easily accessible, such as at the balance pulley.

5. The short hooks in the crane can only be used for smaller lifting weights.

6. The hoisting mechanism and luffing mechanism cannot use long braided wire ropes.

7. Check the hooks on the plate and find that the cracked hooks must be replaced in time.

8. The crane working level is a parameter that indicates the heavy workload of the crane.

9. The lifting electromagnet's own quality must be included in the crane's rated lifting weight.

10. In order to prevent self-decoupling, a safety device should be provided on the hook to prevent accidental release of the load.

11. Cranes with higher heights shall have means or measures to prevent rotation of the ropes and spreaders.

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